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Annwyn brings compassionate wisdom to a fast-changing world as an  impact speaker, mentor and healer. Her activating transmissions of Sound assist Humanity to remember who they are, and release who they are not.

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Sound Healing
& Mentoring
Personal Sessions

Private sessions of mentoring with are supported with powerful sound - healing activations to nourish your mind-body-spirit as you move forward on your journey of Life. Are you ready to make the changes that these sessions bring forth?


When you gift yourself support, you are gifting our loved ones too as they are affected by your change.

To book YOUR 60-minute online session (NZ$120) with Annwyn, either use the PayPal buttons below or email her for bank accounts details. She will then arrange a time with you.

“Our conversation last night was so profound for me, particularly the tones & vibrational frequencies of Annwyn's speaking voice, the light sounds & the wording she used. I have set the intent to be more mindful of my words and style of expression, to stop identifying emotionally with the drama around covid, vaccines,5G etc. and instead to be drawn towards what supports me."

– Jenny Mclauchan, Nelson, NZ. July 2020

(participant on an Online Conversation with a private Nelson, NZ group)

“My daughter (12 yrs.) had a really interesting ‘dream’ the night after our session. It was about a light and she came to me terrified. I felt it was energy shifting and knew this gave us a great opportunity to connect deeply. I spoke to her about spirits and energy visiting and how special that is. She woke the next morning having had ‘the best night’s sleep’. Our language has changed and she was now open to what I shared with her."

– Karen Oscroft, Auckland, NZ, May 2020

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from the Heart

Group Sessions

Invite Annwyn to share her wisdom and activations with your group either online or possibly at your location. Or, bring your group to Karsak for a customised retreat (see Sacred Retreats page).

Topics include: Living a Fifth Dimensional Life -  Your God Nature is Your Natural State - Healing Yourself through Peace - All about Energy and Vibrational Frequencies - The Gifts of Grief as an Ascension Pathway -  Navigating an Ever-changing World - Restoring Balance to Your Life -  The New Children -  The Seven Sacred Flames...and topics of your choice.

“For someone who normally finds words easily, I can barely describe the width, depth, and richness of this weekend group, run with such love, connection and clarity, and emotional intelligence by Annwyn!”

- Liz Gunn, film producer and TV host

New Zealand   

“Annwyn is a powerful teacher and leader. Her abundant wisdom of the enlightened era of the 5-D and beyond, nourished my Soul and I especially enjoyed visiting the portals and points in her area. The food was amazing! Light, yet yummy and filling.” 

- Cindy Prosor, Life Coach

USA & New Zealand

"I really want to thank Annwyn for a fabulous experience of healing through sound and light language.  Annwyn creates a very safe space for wisdom-sharing and heart-opening to take place, through sound.  During my session she accessed some old karmic energies that were holding me back. She released these and balanced my chakras, leaving me feeling very light and filled with love afterwards.  I can highly recommend for you to get in touch with Annwyn for your own opportunity of transformation."

- Monika Vincent, owner operator of vegan/raw deli ‘Raw Balance’, Taupo, NZ. 

February 2020

"Thank you Annwyn. A whole new life began unfolding two years ago, but my path has only lit up bright as day over the last several months. I have to tell you that I believe the turning point started with my "pilgrimage" to Mount Shasta with you. You opened my eyes and my heart, encouraging me to embrace all with love and compassion. I love you, my beautiful Soul Sister!"

- Tina Hertzog, USA.

September 2020

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