About the Annwyn Painting

Symbolism of the Annwyn Painting – ‘The New Human for the New Earth’ - Vibration – Vibration - Vibration

When I commissioned this painting I simply asked the artist to tune into my Field of Energy and paint what she intuitively received, saw, heard, felt, knew from a vibrational perspective, because I didn’t want a ‘spiritual portrait’ so to speak, I didn’t wish to limited or defined by the my human personality. Some weeks later when finally shown the painting I was very surprised to find a noticeably younger woman, yet with a distinct likeness of myself aged around thirty years, standing boldly between our Old and New Earth.

I wondered why I had been depicted as a woman much younger than my 65 years of age and it gradually dawned on me that I was being projected forward into my future as ‘The New Human’ … for this is indeed where the Annwyn Vibration is heading.

I also realised that the painting encapsulates the journey of my forthcoming book ‘Turning On Lights.’ My new book explores almost a decade of my Life traversing the fourth dimensional reality - the realm of archetypal beings such as Gods and Goddesses, mythological creatures such as the dragons… it is the very necessary realm of illusion, discernment, and how we manage Energy.

When understanding the nature of the fourth dimension it makes perfect sense to see the presence of the Goddess, especially the winged reference to Isis, who is one of the most ancient and archetypal Goddesses on Earth. Isis holds powerful keys for both Humanity and Gaia. Her vibrational frequencies of Creation – Renewal – Rebirth - Resurrection – Fertility - Healing – Eternal Youth – Beauty, are the seeds of the New Earth that is birthing now. This Goddess has been working through me for the past two years, enabling me as a conduit of her vibrational frequencies.

Each God and Goddess has their unique vibrational formula and during the past decade many have overlaid aspects of their formulas over my Field of Energy. Because I am part of the Messianic Family of Light (those who incarnated with Lord Sananda/Jeshua Ben Joseph) I will always attract other Christed Beings of Light such as Ceres, Cerridwen, Ix-Chel and Quetzalcoatl, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, Pele, Hathor, Thoth, Anu, and many more who hold the heart-centred vibrational frequencies of rebirth.

The collective of Souls whose consciousness resides in the mountains of New Zealand’s’ central volcanic volcano literally called to me to Live among them, and so they stand behind me as benevolent forces of nature who wish to be heard. The mountains feature frequently in my planetary work of anchoring, activating, receiving vibrational codes around the world.

My orange garment speaks to the colour of the sacral centre chakra and its attributes of creation, sexuality, joy, and abundance. The verdant green lands express the fecundity of new Life.

When a sighted person observes my auric field they often see the colours of the rainbow.

The Rainbow Serpent-like Dragon also speaks to the Mayan vibrational frequencies that work through me, especially Quetzalcoatl and Ix-Chel. The Mayan are considered to be masters of the illusion called ‘Maya’ and are assisting humanity to understand this essential journey through the fourth dimension of illusion.

I adore the Ruru (NZ owl) around my head as this represents beloved son, Tim, now known now as ‘Katoosh’. Katoosh means Eternal – Universal – Love and is one of my most significant guides who will walk with me all the way back to my God Nature, supporting me with this beautiful formula of vibrational frequencies.

The pine cone in my hand signals the presence of the Anu, the main God of the benevolent Anunnaki, Keepers of the Fourth Dimension. The pine cone symbolises the pineal gland, the region of intuitive insights. The chalice in the other hand contains three entwined flames known as ‘The Three-fold Flame’ and this trinity underpins all that Annwyn adheres to. The Three-fold Flame stands for Divine Love (held by the Angelic Kingdom), Divine Wisdom (held by the Elemental Kingdom) and Divine Power (held by the Human Kingdom).

On one side we see the Earth almost depleted, the tree is scorched and the soil is but sand. A sleeping figure symbolises the deep slumber of the unawakened Humans who have forgotten their God Nature. She is out of the flow of Her Life and the Nature Spirit of the Iguana is not drawn to Her.

Many will continue to sleep on…

… But many more are literally waking up, stretching, and preparing to explore an expanded awareness as they remember their Sacredness. Notice the eyes that symbolise new insights and awareness, and the serpent-like shapes above the head as used symbolically by the ancient Egyptians for enlightenment. The Iguana is moving towards this human, responding to her awakening and the spontaneous changes in her Field of Energy.

Strongly contrasting is the paradise of the New Earth where Gaia, our Great Mother is flourishing in her incredible beauty; blossoms dripping off trees and crystal-clear waters take their natural winding route to the ocean. The gentlest creatures can safely enjoy their environment; the stag as the Divine Masculine protectively observes his doe and fawn while across the stream the lion lays down with the lamb, as prophesied.

Standing in the centre of the River of Life, I AM fully embracing and consciously involving myself in the vibrational frequencies of Life that flows to me.

Water is associated with the Emotional Body and the flow of the water can be seen as a liquid thread of connectivity to All the life streams in the painting. The blue goddess stretching over the scene is ‘Nut’, the Egyptian Sky Goddess who gives birth to all of the Gods. Here she represents the birthing of the New Gods on Earth - the Humans, as they reclaim their God Nature. Assisting others to reclaim their God Nature is the focus of my work.

The Intuitive Process of Inspiration for the Painting...

A perfect example of how I activate others happened when I was chatting online with Francine Commeignes, the artist who painted ‘The New Human for the New Earth’.

Francine asked me to simply begin talking about how I saw the painting, its purpose, the story of the painting if you like. I didn’t want to speak my old story into the painting and I didn’t want to be particularly portrayed in one way or another; this felt limiting as we are all changing so quickly now! Words were not coming in a natural way and so I closed my eyes and fell silent, to go within.

Francine also intuitively moved into a meditative state which allowed me to ‘feel the painting’ from my Heart rather than find labels in my Mind. Within minutes a stream of light language poured from my throat and when Francine finally opened her eyes, she smiled at me and said that the entire left side (New Earth) of the painting had been shown to her!

The light language contained the vibrational frequencies of the painting and as an intuitive, visionary artist, Francine was able to translate these into a visual portrayal. No doubt my Higher Self was also collaborating with her Higher Self too.

Throughout the process of painting, Francine was surrounded by many archetypal Beings of Light, Gods and Goddesses, Nature Spirits of Mountains, Gaia, and others. To birth the painting became an initiation in itself for Francine who said she was taken into many dimensions and realms as this revealed itself in her consciousness. She feels activated by actually painting this into Being and believes others will be activated when looking at it.

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