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Castle of Illusion

A Story of the Journey of Humanity

Castles of Illusion

The collective consciousness of Humanity can be described as a mighty Castle that was designed and built then remodeled continuously according to the trends of the times. We have all been a part of the design and build team during numerous lifetimes, adding our masonry of awareness and cementing them to form magnificent walls with the convictions of our consciousness at that particular time. The windows were purposefully narrow to keep Humanity very secure within their castle walls that were so tall it was impossible to see beyond them.

Naturally, Humanity became very attached to their Castle and defended it with sword and musket whenever they felt under attack by the ideas of wandering pilgrims, prophets and poets, who we hastily escorted over the drawbridge or into the murky waters protecting our castle. It was only natural that they disliked anyone who might sow seeds of discontent within their tight-knit community. Over millennia Humanity have been so faithful to the ethos of our castle that our walls have become almost unassailable, and yet their watch- guards didn’t see the Army of Light approaching and took them by surprise.

Oddly, some of our community already knew about the Light that was returning to our castle and this puzzled us even more, almost as though it was hidden in plain sight. But they have been very supportive in helping us to adjust to the changes that we are all going through and have found to be frightening and full of uncertainty. Although we don’t yet understand what they mean by the Light, we can feel the goodness in their Hearts as they try to explain how the Light will inevitably cause our castle to fall, because our time of living in stone castles is over, we are now to dwell within our hearts.

Dismantling the Castle

And so it has been emotionally and mentally wrenching to watch these mighty walls tumble, stone by stone, turret by turret, tower by tower. The valiant walls that we had once found so much security in were now simply dust and debris and it was curious how each falling portion stirred up so many emotions in us all. It was as though our all of thoughts and emotions were stored in the masonry and as each one fell down to the ground where we could clearly see it; and curiously, we felt a surprising sense of relief that we hadn’t felt for a very long time.

As the castle continued to be dismantled many of us slowly came to recognise that what had felt so secure to us had also been a kind of prison for us. We now could see that we had become over-reliant on the architects who kept re-modelling the castle and that we had lost ourselves in the process. We began to ask questions but the architects seemed to be afraid of the Light and were busy trying to save the castle and so they assigned us many complex, distracting tasks that left us very confused and exhausted. We found that we didn’t know who to trust or believe anymore and this was very unsettling indeed.

Our community who understood the Light seemed to be the only ones who remained peaceful and hopeful about what was to happen next and so we began to ask them questions instead. They kindly explained that the whole community in the castle had been living in an un-natural way, which they themselves had unwittingly created by engaging do strongly with their Human Nature, becoming totally disconnected from their God Nature. They now only knew themselves to be Human Nature and it had become impossible for them to leave their castle and experience the fullness of who they really were. It was seen by their Mother-Father God that it would be necessary to collapse the castle in order for Humanity to build a new one; this time it would be designed and built from their God Nature.

Most of our community couldn’t believe this was possible, especially when we had been told for centuries that we were inherently flawed and were incapable of accessing ‘God’ through our own endeavours. Most of us had become thoroughly distrustful and secretly resentful of this ever-judging ‘God’ that our castle priests had presented to us. How could we be expected to suddenly perceive ourselves as God in our Nature when we didn’t even have a clear idea of what that meant? It seemed blasphemous and downright dangerous, if not insane!

And yet, there was an undeniable inner calm and sense of Knowing that the Light Holders exuded. It was very reassuring to be around them and to hear their words, and at times we even seemed to recognise the truth of what they said. But when we were alone again we were plagued with doubts and fears about our unknown future and we grieved for lives irrevocably changed. We were gently invited to allow our worries to surface and to acknowledge them, while trusting that all would be well in the end. We were to fully allow the painful emotions and thoughts to be heard and felt as a way of cleansing our Human Nature, in order to eventually reconnect with our God Nature once more.

And so began a long journey of review and release at both a personal and community level and we saw that people had their own preferred ways of approaching or avoiding this cleansing period. Some diligently did their inner work and we could see how much happier they were, while many procrastinated and complained which kept them in a state of unhappiness. We observed that as time went on it became increasingly difficult for people to avoid their inner work and they began to suffer unnecessarily. Oh dear, this was sad to witness but it was understood that each Soul chose their pathway and that all pathways are honoured.

Building the New Earth Castle

Now there was a second wave of Light Holders and we noticed that life was becoming very different for us. It seemed as though our very Earth Mother was full of magick and was now able to support our every desire and the things that we desired came quickly and easily to us. Out teachers explained how we were now aligned with the energies of our Earth Mother, and also with our God Nature. By doing our inner work and taking the leap of faith to trust in Life and trust in ourselves, we had healed our Hearts and now had access to the higher states of consciousness in the fifth dimension. And it was in the fifth dimension where we would also reconnect with our God Nature. Our God Nature could not really connect with us in the third and fourth dimensions except as a tiny Spark of God’s Love. But that Spark of God’s Love was like the ever-burning ember that only required our Love to fan it into the blazing fire of our God Nature.

It was an exciting time to be on the Earth and it was full of contrast as some of our community found it difficult to leave the old castle and mournfully watched it tumble and fall. They searched for who they could blame for this situation, not understanding they were simply witnessing a collective community co-creation that had completed its cycle. They were unable to accept this. They continued to place their trust in the hands of others who were also despairing and desperately grasping at straws.

Others were filled with joy and wonder as they discovered more and more about themselves during their extraordinary journey of reuniting with their God Nature! Never in their wildest dreams had they conceived or believed that life could be so different- it was as if they had died and been reborn into a completely new life, and in a sense they had. We call this the Ascension, which occurs when Humanity reunites with their God Nature, and ascension doesn’t end there, for our spiritual evolution is eternal.

Not the end.

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Blessings from Annwyn .

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