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Conscious choices of change

Many light workers are choosing to continue their Service from other planes.

The energies of 12-12-20 were wonderfully uplifting and I wonder what else lies in store as we move closer to solstice, 21-12-20. Two dear friends both very active light workers have already made their conscious transition during the ascension passageway of December 2020. I admit to being just a little saddened, a little envious as I marvel at these beautiful transitions and full of admiration for their conscious choices.

Celebrated writer, Joanna Prentis (England), had completed her many soul missions which included returning awareness to the incarnated souls who were part of the Essenes community. These souls held the vibrational formula known as the ‘Messianic Family’ at the time of Jeshua and Mary Magdalene and at other pivotal times in the Spiritual Evolution of not just Earth, but all star nations who had reached readiness for the return of the Christ Consciousness. Earth is now preparing for the return of the Messianic Family who hold the codes of the Golden Christed Energies!

Dr Rose Pere (New Zealand) incarnated into Maoridom to uphold the Spirit of Oneness as she believed New Zealand would lead the way for the unity of the entire planet. She was a internationally sought-after speaker and spoke unfailingly of the need for Humanity to embrace their Oneness, putting aside former duality. She often reminded her audience “We are all indigenous to this planet, for we all came from the Stars!” A charismatic matriarch with sharp wit and humour, she laughed heartily at the smallness of humanity and invited them to reach for their Divine Self.

With these two bright lights already dazzling those left behind on the Earth planes I was prompted to excitedly ring my dearest friend Valmai, who is 92 years old.

Valmai I said, “Many ascension party invitations have been sent out, did you receive one?”

She laughed with her full wisdom and said “No, I haven’t, because I still have work to do on this plane, including returning to Karsak to skinny dip with you in the hot tub again!”

Together we giggled with delight at our ability to even have that conversation seemingly so lightly, yet both knowing the deep reverence behind our laughter. I shared with her that in December 2012 when the ascension passage for Gaia had opened, some Light Workers also went through at that time. I had just published my first book about the gifts of grief and evidently had completed my main soul tasks, for during the powerful solstice of 2012 I had been shown ‘Home’. Then followed a three-day period of intensely desiring to return to the realms of spirit… I simply yearned to go Home.

I wrestled with persistently strong feelings and thoughts that were inviting me to leave this physical plane until I finally confided in a close friend, an artist in Oamaru. She quietly observed my angst and confusion yet said nothing. She sat me down at her kitchen table with a sheet of paper, her paints, and a brush, then left the room. With tears streaming down my face I intuitively took up a golden-yellow tube and slowly began to paint abstractly and meditatively. I only used golden-yellow. I slept soundly that night and woke the next morning with absolute clarity that I was staying. Many months later it was revealed to me that I had indeed been offered the opportunity to return to the spirit realms, but that I had also been offered another soul mission which clearly I had chosen. It was at this time that former ancient gifts of Sacred Voice were spontaneously returned to me, through toning, light language and speaking or singing. And so began my earthly journey Home to My Christed Self, with a tube of golden-yellow paint to remind me of the Way.

Many of our beloved light workers, friends, and family members may choose to continue their Service from a non-physical realm. Some will reincarnate very quickly, as my beloved son has done. Each and every one us holds codes and formulas that contribute to the Allness and Oneness and our respective Higher Self and Great I AM have us nestled in their arms. They are guiding us very purposefully and all we need to is listen and surrender. The veils between realms are so thins now that those passing through are communicating during their transition and immediately after. Be comforted in knowing they are longing to reach us and teach us from their higher perspectives and that we simply need invite them into our hearts. We have more of them than we did before!

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