December Solstice 2020 and Grand Conjunction

What a grand finale to a grand year! And what an amazing opportunity to co-create our New Earth as a Christed planet during tomorrow's (southern hemisphere) Solstice and the Saturn-Jupiter Conjunction hot on the solar tail!. What does this mean for Humanity?

The powerful end of year energies of 2020 were already showing themselves and I wondered what else lay in store as we moved closer to the greatly anticipated December Solstice. The buzz among the light workers is the activation that is to occur at Uluru in Australia, the planetary Solar Plexus Chakra (formerly known as Ayers Rock). During Solstice and again approximately 90 minutes after Solstice during a rare conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn, an activation will release unprecedented vibrational frequencies that will immediately launch Gaia into a much faster, higher vibrating pulse. This gift from the Pleiadians was sealed within a ‘quantum time capsule’ for eons of time and is referred to by its Aboriginal guardians as ‘the magic box’. But Humanity must play its part by sending a unified forcefield of love, compassion and nurture for our Great Mother Earth. Holding our Mother in our loving, nurturing supportive focus while she is birthing New Life, we are called to be the midwives gathered around to beam our loving admiration at this great miracle taking place. The Children of Gaia are being asked to take up their own mantle of Motherhood and to be the very folds of Her cloak of providence, creation, abundance, beauty, nurture, and healing.

To me, it doesn’t matter if there is a box or if there isn’t a box. What matters is the potential gift of vibrational frequencies offered to Humanity – and we must consciously and actively receive this through the Chamber of our Sacred Heart. We must sound a resounding ‘Yes!’ to what is offered.

Personally, I’m not someone who closely studies the cosmology that influences all of the planets we share our galaxy with, yet I really appreciate this perspective of ‘As above-So below’. It is fascinating to see how the positions and interactions of planets and stars, plus the orbit of our Sun and Moon have a direct, tangible effect on Earth. Although I am always aware of the Solstices, Equinoxes and our Solar and Lunar Cycles, I also sit up and take notice when we have events such as an Eclipse or rare planetary alignments. This particular alignment is carrying enormous potential for beneficial change to those who inhabit planet Earth and this is what I have pieced together in order to understand it more easily myself.

Both Saturn and Jupiter hold masculine energies, but that is virtually the only thing they have in common. Saturn takes 28 to 30 years to circle the zodiac and Jupiter takes only 12 years, a much faster moving energy. Added to the vastly different characteristics these planets hold, is the hugely significant factor that for the past 200 years they have danced through the element of Earth, and all the aspects particular to Earth … but for the next 200 years, they will be dancing through the element of Air. So we can tell straight away there are going to be changes!

It just so happens that Raeul and I have a neighbour who is, wait for it … 99 years old! A darling in his own right, he is what he is, as he beautifully epitomises the attributes of Saturn in the zodiac element of Earth, while Raeul at 62 years is the quintessential Jupiter in Air. Let’ take an impartial peek at how this looks when they get together!

Jock and Raeul do have a common interest, they both care very much about the Tokaanu Stream which borders our respective properties. Jock-Saturn-Earth, a hardworking, disciplined task master who is greatly concerned with protocol, order, structure and time. He is a stickler for the rules and his care for the stream is expressed through having made himself thoroughly familiar with the original resource consent required for building the Tokaanu dam and ensuring the conditions are upheld. He has been measuring the level of Lake Taupo and has complete recall for all of the data that he has collated ever since the Tokaanu dam was built forty years ago. Saturn-Earth tends to lord advanced age an authoritative senior status reason to adhere to conventions and traditions and the need to feel secure in a black and white reality is very evident in dear Old Jock. I hear you say, ah, it’s just his age, but I have come to learn that his need to keep a firm grip on things has always been his modus operandi. No wonder, having lived for a century in the 3D Saturn-Earth energies!

Raeul Jupiter-Earth loves abstract thinking, yearns for higher learning and exploring new ideas. So he is most reluctant to wade his way through the stack of paperwork that Jock has entrusted in his care. Raeul is more concerned with finding nontoxic ways of managing colonized plants to keep the stream clear and planting an unusual plant to prevent erosion of the banks. He understands the sacredness of water and as newly elected president of the Tokaanu Stream Committee, opened the first meeting with a prayer dedicated to Gaia. Are you getting the idea of how the different the two energies are?

Of course although these planets happen to hold masculine energies they affect both genders and it is easy to see the influence of Saturn- Earth on public figures such as Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkle and Jacinda Ardern. Let’s hope our New Zealand prime minster will allow the potential of the incoming frequencies to shift her more into the Jupiter- Air manner of being.

Apparently, the energies of Saturn will initially dominate after the conjunction has occurred, but then the presence of Jupiter will gradually strengthen. This means we could see a temporary amplification of those old patriarchal energies and it is during this period that again, we are called on to be the midwives of the new consciousness being birthed. This will be an ongoing birthing process as Humanity reclaims the benevolent energies of Jupiter, known as the Planet of Luck, abundance, success and all of the attributes that support a reality of ease and grace. No more hard yards for Humanity! Again, our role s the embodies souls on Earth is to consciously choose to support the shifting energies that are being offered to us. We do this by trusting, believing, knowing that our planet and her inhabitants are birthing a Christed Consciousness – we are the second coming.

Just one more factor that is very exciting; the conjunction occurs in the house of Aquarius at almost 0 degrees. My understanding is that 0 degrees is like a void, the pause between breaths … and this brings great potential for creating change. And so many are saying this conjunction also heralds the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, the era of the New Golden Age on Earth. Personally, I’m already living in the Golden Age, for it is a vibrational frequency, like everything else. To keep things really simple, we just need to Be Love, Breath Love, Speak Love, Think Love and Action Love … that is the criteria of the Golden Age which is also The Golden Christed Consciousness. Solstice Blessings dearest Family of Light!