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Annwyn's Story

Now that my Life

is completely surrendered

to my God Nature

my real work begins.

So here I AM, aged 68 years old yet living a brand new version of life. But of course everything I have done in both former and this lifetime, particularly the last 20 years, has prepared me in mind, body and spirit. It is always this way in my poignant lifetimes.

What is my work?

My work was to firstly embody and to then activate in others, the vibrational frequencies that I now hold, and which are needed to co-create our New Earth. Annwyn is like the unshakeable, underpinning foundation of all of my work to which many other layers and levels are added as required. For example, Goddess Isis is working through me at this time because Her energies are vital to the re-birthing of our New Earth. Quetzalcoatl and Ix-Chel also work through me as a direct alignment with ancient Mayan energies as we begin another Mayan cycle.

Earlier on in my journey I worked closely with Lady Nada and Lord Sananda (Mary Magdalene and Jeshua Ben Joseph) and today their energies are very present in the land where I live. There are also angelics, especially Archangels Gabrielle and Raphael, as well as numerous Galactic Light Beings who work through me as required. I draw a lot of support from the family of Telos, our Lemurian ancestors, as well as our Atlantean family in the higher dimensions. And of course, my beloved son in Spirit, who now is part of a collective of Souls called ‘Katoosh’ is a constant in my Life. Katoosh is ‘Eternal - Universal – Love’.

The main Being of Light working through me at present is our Divine Mother, Gaia.

Gaia is constantly channeling Her energies through me, hourly and daily, to disperse her formulas of vibrational frequencies to my part of the globe. (There is a team of Light Workers who are doing the same work in strategic locations planetary-wide).

I am aware that I feel slightly dizzy and not quite in my body quite a lot of the time while Gaia uses me as a conduit of her Energies. At other times I could be preparing dinner or writing when I suddenly have the impulse to go outside onto the grass and allow Tones of Light Language to find its voice through me.

Why was I chosen?

Because I hold the energies … the Annwyn codes … Peace – Harmony - Impartiality, Balance – Clarity -Truth as an essential filter for her selected channels to broadcast Her Rebirthing Codes that She needs to be sent around the planet right now. If it were not for the border closures, I would have traveling the planet widely again this year to do the same thing. You may find this initially difficult to understand, that I don’t really think of myself as human woman anymore … but more as a formula of vibrational frequencies.

Could you be chosen to do such planetary work?

Absolutely!!! And you are very much needed during this transitional time on Earth. Each of us carries unique codes that are to be activated at the perfect time. If you are feeling drawn to raising your consciousness and vibrational frequencies, perhaps Your time is approaching. At the same time that I am fulfilling planetary roles, I AM also very much here to prepare others for this work too … in whatever shape or form that may show itself to YOU. Your preparation begins with clearing your old stuff to allow your vibrational frequencies to hold the attributes and gifts that are already stored within YOU.

‘When I first met Annwyn I was transfixed by her energy. As I got to know

her over a two-year period I realised how quickly my energy was expanding

in a way like never before. Just being in her presence takes me to other

dimensions and frequencies, and then the power of Annwyn’s Sound takes

me to another level that I just don’t have words to explain.

I’m incredibly grateful to Annwyn for what she has given of herself

towards my own spiritual growth.

She is an amazing activator of vibrational frequencies & consciousness’.

Lyn Hura, Life and Wellness Coach, Waikato, NZ.

I struggle to write about my ‘Human Self’ these days as I don’t really connect with that Self anymore. I Am creating new stories as I discover more and more of My God Self which is so much more interesting!

Yet in a nutshell I can tell you I was totally unawakened until the year 2000 when my darling 17-year-old son, Tim, died in a car crash. I wrote ‘Dry Your Tears ‘to share my story of Awakening, and also to bust the fourth-dimensional collective belief that a mother can never recover from the grief of losing her child. Plus, to model how grief is an extraordinarily powerful catalyst for Awakening and holds many unexpected gifts.

My second book seems to have taken forever to take form and reveal its essence. It has been an eight-year pregnancy and the labour pains have only recently begun… it is soon to be delivered!

I spend a lot of time either walking nature tracks, being near water or simply tending to my garden; to be immersed with Gaia is natural and necessary. Some days the mountains call me, other day s it is the lakes. My day begins by greeting the seven sacred directions -east-south-west-north- above- below- my heart and giving thanks for the blessings and potentials of each day. I practice Qi Gong regularly as it really helps the integration of the strong Earth and Cosmic Energies being gifted to us at this time.

So much of my human self has dropped away that Life has become quite simple and it is actually hard for me to leave my sanctuary … but don’t tell anybody! If you’d like to know more about me and how I can best walk alongside you for a while, I warmly invite you to join in a webinar, workshop, come on retreat at Karsak or have a person session with me.

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