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The Veil

We choose our unique veil of consciousness every moment.

Propped up by pillows in bed, I contentedly sip tea, around 4 am

Mosquito net, a flimsy defense that completely enshrouds me.

This thin misty veil that holds my focus within,

Strengthens my sense of my inner universe,

My unique side of the veil.

The other side of the veil contains all that is not personal to me,

It is My Collective that I participate in,

When I part the veil, the Collective I see depends entirely on me.

It changes.

Mostly, I consciously choose a Collective that aligns with my God-Self,

Through vibrational frequencies held that will not just enable, but demand that.

My energy flows where my focus goes,

And therefore my outer universe reflects this.

In obeyance to the Law of Attraction,

My Life is by invitation only … mostly.

Sometimes I forget to consciously choose my universe,

And when I peer through the veil I despair.

Until I remember I have simply placed my focus elsewhere.

Earth is a powerful teacher, that’s why we came.

Our Lives are the most precious curriculum.

Our circumstances are the most honest feedback you’ll ever get.

What do you see when you part your veil?

What have you aligned with?

The God in me sees the God in you.

Do you?

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