Seven Sacred Circles of Light

Join Annwyn and the Ascended Masters for an eight-week webinar series of spiritual yet practical ascension material with channeled sound activations to support your journey Home to your God Self.

Tuesday at 7.30 to 9.00 pm March 30th to May 18th 2021 (New Zealand Standard Time)

I was gifted ‘The Seven Sacred Flames’ in 2015 by my dear friend, Valmai Sutton, who was 87 years old at that time. Valmai is a living testimony of the value of this tool; she radiates light, enjoys good health, lives independently and eats almost totally from her gardens and orchard. Valmai recently came to stay with me for a few days and the highlight for her was our early morning ‘skinny dip’ in the mineral hot tub! She is now 92 years old and her continued excitement at her spiritual evolution is a wonderful inspiration.

While preparing for a very special event at Aoraki Mountain in New Zealand in 2015 (Return of the Golden Christed Energies), I found the Seven Sacred Flames to be a wealth of information and inspiration that gathered a plethora of spiritual teachings into a compact wallet of wisdom. Each of the Ascended Masters who are the Keeper of a Flame, share their own human experiences of how they rose above the dark mainstream consciousness of their time. They compassionately empathise with the human journey, especially at this rather chaotic time on Earth, yet are quick to remind us of the need to make our spiritual evolution our priority. At the same time they lovingly remind us of the attributes and qualities of our own God Self that we must reclaim and implement in our daily Lives.

The Age of Aquarius is with us! The multi-dimensional energies of manifesting through our thoughts and intentions are quickening, therefore we must be consciously entraining our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

‘We are going to see our inner world showing

up in our outer world faster than ever before!’

I first taught this material as a workshop series in Auckland in 2016 and although I hadn’t consciously asked for their presence, each Keeper of the Flame in focus ‘showed up’ each week to over-light us with their palpable vibrational frequencies and insights. I’m so excited to share these timeless teaching and sound activations again in the incredibly potent energies of 2021!

Each session is of 90 minutes duration which begins with a prayer of intention, explores the God qualities and actions of each Flame and ends with a meditation to the Temple of each Flame. A perfect way to end your Tuesday before moving into your dream state!

Note from Annwyn: This book is approximately $60 and well worth the money! Take a big step forward to nurture yourself with this multi-dimensional material. You will return to it again and again so you may wish to consider the hard cover option.

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How to purchase your copy of The Seven Sacred Flames :

USA and other countries & translations: Mount Shasta Light Publishing

Australia & New Zealand: Telos Australia

Again I warmly extend an invitation to you to join me as we walk through these ancient teachings of the Heart together. From my Heart to yours, Annwyn.

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