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'Wild Child'

Formal closure to an aspect that no longer aligns with us.

Our Spiritual housework includes our nightly sweep of each day's energies. We reflectively step out of our day with gratitude and appreciation, noticing what supported us and what didn't. It's important that we also step out of the year's energies, and allow the year to end in a settled way that we are at peace with. As well as bringing general closure to the energies of 2021, its a great time to bring a ‘formal closure’ to specific and significant events not necessarily related to the year that was.

Sometimes a significant release of something that brings us a shift in consciousness requires us to bring ‘Formal Closure’ to it. In this case we honour the aspect that has been released and then we position it where it no longer influences us. My guides gave me a wonderful metaphor for this. They likened it to placing a released aspect behind a glass panel, such as in a museum exhibit. We can peer through the glass at times but we cannot touch!

My museum exhibit is my ‘wild child’ aspect that my guides invited me to release. This aspect appeared when I ran away from home to another city at the tender age of 16, with a naughty policeman! I was living like an adult but was still really a child and so wasn’t mature enough to be dealing with adult things. To reconnect with this aspect I played my favourite music from that era and looked fashion in the 70’s and soon began to remember how challenging that time was in some ways, and yet so liberating in other ways. It was my first stand for independence and it was also an abrupt closure on the energies of the first 16 years of my life. Because I totally rejected the values and consciousness of my family and friends, and never went back. Although I visited, I never returned to that consciousness that they still held.

And so the wild child was still there and kicked up her platform heels at times. How hilarious to finally release my wild child 50 years later! I had never seen my self as a wild child as such yet I do recognise that sometimes I’ve have to be ‘wild’ to break certain cycles of nonproductive ways of being. But the abrupt and dismissive manner in which I did that is no longer appropriate to my current level of awareness or the Earth’s energies.

Is this resonating with some of you who find you are standing up and claiming a different way of Being in the world? Perhaps you have just made a mental note of ‘That’s the last time I ever spend Xmas with my family!’ It’s fantastic Human Nature growth to notice any non-alignment and to make the necessary adjustments. It’s Higher Nature growth when we can allow our process to be one of ‘compassionate change’. It doesn’t need to be rough on ourselves or others and the Earth’s energies now totally support this gentle approach.

Now, in the wisdom of my Goddess Energy and from the ‘platform’ of my Higher Nature, I Know my Power lies within Harmony and Oneness. I know I can break cycles and be a powerful catalyst for change through my consciousness of Unity and Harmony. In this moment I bring formal closure to the ‘16 year old wild child’ with love and gratitude for the gifts that aspect held.

Is there anything you’d like to put behind glass as we bring closure to this year? Remember it’s still there and can be viewed, but not engaged with. Gaze tenderly through the glass at your museum exhibits from time to time if you feel like a nostalgic dalliance and can resist the temptation to pick them up and turn them over in your hands. They are treasures that you have simply put aside so that you don’t keep tripping over them. We don’t need to hit the eject or reject button, but just rearrange the energies to accommodate our new awareness.

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