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Annwyn hosts transformational retreats that nurture and activate  mind, body & spirit, in the deeply sacred and ancient lands of New Zealand's Central Volcanic Plateau.

About Karsak...
Where ‘Heaven Meets Earth’

Karsak is nestled between Lake Taupo and Roto Pounamu and is just 35 minutes’ drive from the three mountains that gloriously crown New Zealand’s Central Volcanic Plateau in the North Island, Tongariro, Ngauruhoe and Ruapehu.


Retreaters soak up the tranquility of this stream-bound property, its lush lawns and gardens and especially the rejuvenating mineral waters of the geothermal hot tub set discreetly amidst native tree ferns…the most sacred part of Karsak.

Karsak is a perfect gathering space for meditations, activations and teachings, and of course, amazing food.  Inspired by the French Provincial Farm House, Karsak is comfortable, spacious, and warm, perfect for solo/couples and intimate group retreats. Larger groups gather daily at Karask and are accommodated at nearby lodges.


Our visitors feel the palpable energies of Karsak and involuntarily breathe out a deep sigh and relax their shoulders the moment they walk through the gates! Many say ‘It feels like Home’ because they recognise the high vibrational frequencies that they are yearning to reactivate in themselves.

Karsak can be likened to a Vortex that holds a unique formula of energies required for the creation of our New Earth. These energies of renewal, peace, balance and unconditional love are underpinned by the Christ Consciousness energies which have been gradually anchored here by Lord Sananda with Lady Nada (Yeshua and Mary Magdalene) and many other Beings of Light.


Simply being in the energies of Karsak has a profound effect and your intentions will be reflected back to you as feeling invigorated, rested, balanced, inspired, depending on what you wish to be activated.

The tiny geothermal village of Tokaanu is exactly halfway between Auckland and Wellington, and easily accessed from all four directions.

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Karsak is delighted to offer a brand new detox retreat! We are fortunate to have the services of Louise Darragh, a very experienced practitioner who utilises the far-reaching influences of Ayurveda - which offers a model of the universe that blends beautifully with her practices of naturopathy, homoeopathy, herbal medicine, raw food diet and Rongoa. She is also author of ‘Healing Your Child’ a manual of natural cures for childhood unwellness. Louise is a treasure chest of lived wisdom!

The programme includes juices and broths, group sharing and Ayurvedic sessions, meditations and Qi Gong, as well as a personal 15 minute mini-consult with Louise if required. A highly nurturing environment is created and this is further supported by Annwyn who will present a daily group session that focuses on the alignment of mind-body-spirit.

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The number twelve ‘enables the whole to be expressed fully and diversely through the sum of its parts’ - it is so very powerful to gather in this way with each person adding their uniqueness to the group formula of Oneness.

Winter Solstice Retreat 2020 ‘The Light Before the Dawn’

Circle of Twelve retreats are usually aligned with planetary events such as Solstices, Equinoxes, Lion’s Gate and other power dates as they arise. Eleven retreaters plus Annwyn make up the  Twelve, a number that is inherent to Creation itself and that is expressed throughout Nature, Sacred Geometry and Quantum Physics. The ancients knew the power of this number; Jeshua’s twelve apostles, King Arthur’s twelve knights and of course the Zodiac is based around twelve constellations.

These three-day retreats invite immersion into the area’s strong energies and allows for very necessary integration time. Each day brings its own magic! Guided meditations focused on planetary events, activations that spontaneously occur through the retreat, gorgeous walks to sacred lakes and mountains, communing with the Nature Spirits and whatever naturally unfolds. Resting and tub-soaking time is built in for a relaxed pace in this powerfully activating environment.


Retreaters often experience lucid dreams, heightened awareness of energy, significant shifts in their consciousness and spontaneous healings. Annwyn is always available to hold space so that clearings and healings can naturally occur with ease and grace.

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Retreats fill very quickly!

Retreater's experiences from Sacred Circle of Twelve Winter Solstice 2020

‘I came with an open mind and I left with an open Heart. I came with heavy emotion, and left feeling a calm, new light energy within. I’ve explored the edges of myself, experienced an opening within my Soul. Annwyn your voice is Golden Light; I have never experienced such powerful energy through sound, every cell is vibrating. May the adventure begin!’

-Tina Drummond, New Zealand


‘Physically, this has been a chance for me to step away from my own habits and observe how I responds to change. I can see the transformation in everyone from being nourished with such nutritious food, hydration of Spring Water, Love, Energy, Nature and Geo-Thermal Mineral soaks. Spiritually, I feel I’ve been equal parts reignited on a journey I put to  a halt as a child, and also incredibly satiated after craving this kind of experience, as I so easily get caught up in the addictive business of the working world.

Mentally, I encountered numerous challenges in myself … specifically the desire to run away when things become challenging or I felt pressure. This time, I had to simply surrender to the journey, the process, the flow, the outcome … and the sense of groundedness I’ve been able to take away from that is fundamentally transformational.

Thank you for holding space and energy for us all. This has been magic in a way I forgot magic could exist’.

- Michelle T. (22 years-old)


 Annwyn is an experienced and adaptable facilitator who will work with your special focus group on retreat at Karsak in a way that best supports them in mind, body, spirit. Your focus might be Grief, Goddess/God Circles, Planetary work, Healing… the potential is unlimited!

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Solo - Couple - Intimate Groups

 Rejuvenate - Reset - Realign


During this extraordinary transition time for both Humanity and Gaia, it is hugely important that we consciously create space in our Life to allow the accelerated energies to work in the most beneficial way for us.


Busy, stressful daily life keeps us focused on our outer worlds, yet it has never been so pertinent as now that we ‘know ourselves through our inner world’, for this becomes our core strength that we can call on during challenging times. Very often the simple action of interrupting our routine and stepping into a different environment triggers insights and inspirations to our pathway, rather like a reboot/reset of our Lives. Even more so when nurtured and supported by the wisdom of Annwyn and the Nature Spirits at Karsak.

This newly created retreat differs from the others as the retreater is totally accommodated at Karsak. A generous upstairs master bedroom and en-suite offers a sanctuary for reflection, writing, healing … Nutrient-dense yet Light-filled meals are prepared by Annwyn; many of the vegetables are grown at Karsak and exude high-vibrational frequencies which reflect the respectful and loving consciousness in which they are tended.

We also have a twin single room which means we can host intimate groups of 3 or 4 people.


Guided meditations, mentoring and/sacred sound sessions, visits to sacred sites at your request, mineral pool soaks, along with delicious food all serves to provide a complete nurture of your mind-body-spirit.


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Lions Gate Retreat, August, 2020

‘Your Sounds are over and above anything I have heard, they are celestial’

 -R.R. Auckland, NZ.

‘Thank you Annwyn for your dedication to serve Mother Gaia as her pure conduit. You created a brilliant, transformational retreat and it was a privilege to serve in the sacred earth grids and in the Lions gate portal. Also delish and nurturing food .So yummy!

- M.M.  Auckland, NZ.

Wow, what two weeks since the retreat! I feel like I'm on fast forward … that I’m working part time …  and that my full-time job is somewhere in the ethers with busy sleeps and much walking in nature singing ... and meditation ... and oh more singing. At kirtan last night I felt my voice embodied my higher self and was strongly encoded. At the end there was a heady scent which I couldn't identify. Like a floral but also woody combo. My heart was bursting. Just closing my eyes now I feel such a strong sense of bliss and heart wide openness.

- K. G. New Plymouth, NZ.