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Sacred Teachings


‘Every single Human is living a Spiritual Life - whether they know it or not!’  - Annwyn

Annwyn’s enlightening and inspirational offerings are designed to touch the Souls of the newly awakened  as well as those who have been journeying for many years and now seek to deepen their connection with their God Nature/Higher Self/I AM Presence.

Annwyn is an activator, a compassionate yet powerful catalyst for change, here to gently guide your journey so that your inner work becomes embodied as the  outer changes expressed s your Life. All Life is Sacred.


Annwyn has travelled this very same pathway for 20 years and has experienced extraordinary changes in her own Life.  


“At a time when I was truly struggling with my Awakening and what it meant, Annwyn and her guides were there. She worked with me to identify and integrate my energy centers needing attention with energies that were loving and filled with light codes. My dreams that night were incredible confirmations of Annwyn’s connection to the truth and the highest and best good for each of us on our own path and journey. I AM truly grateful.”

– Tina H. USA, March 2020

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Sacred Voice

 Personal Sessions

Group Work

Mentoring & Sound Healing

Speaking Engagements

‘Everything is Energy created

through Light and Sound’  - Annwyn

Precise vibrational frequencies are channelled through Annwyn’s Voice to shift pockets of stagnant energy and/or activate dormant codes that facilitate a shift in consciousness of Humanity.


During this process Your Higher Self is communing with Annwyn’s Higher Self to convey the perfect formulas of frequencies for you which may express as Toning (sustaining a single sound to create a vibrational effect), Light Language (light-encoded sounds that speak to your subtle/non-physical bodies rather than your logical mind), or perhaps as a beautiful sweet melody that is unique to your Soul.

Even talking with others is activating them, but as always, when a clear intention is set the effect is very powerful. Annwyn works with individual and groups and loves to be invited to share her wisdom and activations with your special focus group.

 Find a few moments of ‘Inner Peace Within' below.

Inner Peace Within
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“Annwyn, your voice is Golden Light; I have never experienced such powerful energy through sound. Every cell is vibrating.” 

- Tina Drummond, New Zealand

“It was like standing next to a human crystal bowl!”

- Joanne Walden, author of 'The Inside Hustle' 2020 Winter Solstice

Sacred Retreats at ‘Karsak’

Solo - Couples - Intimate Groups - Circles of 12

The focus of a Karsak retreat is to nourish your mind - body - spirit within the powerfully nurturing energies of New Zealand’s sacred central volcanic plateau.


Annwyn shares her blend of ancient teachings with living wisdom, plus transformational meditations and sound activations at both Karsak and the area’s many sacred sites.


Delicious, high-vibrational, vegetarian/vegan nutritious food is designed to support your entire Being on all levels… Mind, Body, Spirit - and is a highlight of Karsak retreats.

Often the retreats are timed to align with significant planetary cycles such as solstice, equinox, an eclipse and so forth, which further potentises our work together.


You can choose to gather within a ‘Circle of 12’, as a solo or couples retreat, or create your own customised group retreat.

Group of women holding hands in a circle in NZ native bush
Mount Ngarahoe NZ
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Green Salad

“For someone who normally finds words easily, I can barely describe the width, depth, and richness of this weekend group, run with such love, connection and clarity, and emotional intelligence by Annwyn!”

- Liz Gunn, film producer and TV host, New Zealand     

“Annwyn is a powerful teacher and leader. Her abundant wisdom of the enlightened era of the 5-D and beyond, nourished my Soul and I especially enjoyed visiting the portals and points in her area. The food was amazing! Light, yet yummy and filling.” 

- Cindy Prosor, Life Coach, USA & New Zealand

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