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Annwyn is a Soul Activator - A compassionate and powerful catalyst for change. Gently guiding you to your inner world  that your Soul is inviting you to explore.

Because it is time to reclaim the

Higher Version of You that is already there.

Annwyn holds impacting and activating formulas that ‘fire up’ dormant codes in an awakening Humanity, as we stand on the threshold of a New Earth.

Annwyn works on a planetary level to stabilise Gaia, and also at the personal level as an activator for the awakening-ascending Human.

Guided into spiritual service in 2011 after transcending grief for her teen son, Annwyn has embodied the wisdom and gifts that the noble journey of grief offers.

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Annwyn has continued her spiritual growth in a grounded manner that enables her to experience the multidimensional energies of our New Earth in a way that others can easily understand.

Annwyn's second  (forthcoming book) speaks to the journey of releasing our acquired Human Nature while gradually embracing more and more of our Higher Nature.  You can read an excerpt at  upcoming events on the Events page.

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"When I first met Annwyn I was transfixed by her energy. As I got to know her over a two-year period I realised how quickly my energy was expanding in a way like never before. Just being in her presence takes me to other dimensions and frequencies, and then the power of Annwyn’s Sound takes me to another level that I just don’t have words to explain. I’m incredibly grateful to Annwyn for what she has freely given of herself towards my own spiritual growth. She is an amazing activator of vibrational frequencies and consciousness."  

- Lyn Hura, Life and Wellness Coach, Waikato, NZ.

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