Owl in flight
Painting of woman with an owl on her head, holding a moon-shaped chalice
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‘If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration’

- Nikola Tesla

And if you wish to understand Your own Universe, do the same!

Annwyn is all about energies and vibrational frequencies.


The painting of ‘Annwyn’ above - by Francine Commeignes, August 2020.

You can read more about the story of this painting here.


Lake Taupo

Annwyn activates the vibrational frequencies of the New Earth

and the New Human held innately within you.

 Peace - Harmony - Balance - Impartiality - Unity - Truth - Compassion - Clarity - Abundance


 Humanity is learning how to realign and embody these vibrations that have

been absent from our beautiful planet for a very long time.

Annwyn holds impacting, activating formulas to stabilise Gaia and to 'fire up' dormant codes in Humanity as we stand on the threshold of a New Earth and a new way of Being. 

Humanity has been in a deep sleep for a long, long time. So long, they almost disconnected from their true Human Nature and their interconnectedness with Mother Nature; even their very God Nature. But that time of separation from their true essence is now over.

Painting of naked woman waking up by a tree

Annwyn awakens and activates the vibrational frequencies of the New Earth and the New Human.

Peace - Harmony - Balance

Impartiality - Unity - Truth Compassion - Clarity Abundance ...

The name ‘Annwyn’ was returned to me in 2014, having outgrown the vibrational frequencies of my birth name, ‘Annette’. I say returned because I have had this name in previous lifetimes. This spirit name has strong connections with the Goddess energies associated with rebirth, regeneration, resurrection, renewal; the attributes needed to usher in a New Earth and it has taken me six years to grow into the vibrational frequencies that this spirit name represents. 

It was intriguing to discover two years ago that my name carries exactly the same vibrational frequencies as the Goddess/Ascended Master ‘Quan Yin’, who epitomises Compassion, Unconditional Love, Forgiveness and Mercy.

Quan Yin was the first ascended master that walked alongside me and had the greatest influence on healing a mother’s grief that I held at that time. It is largely due to my inner work to heal my deeply wounded heart that I have become so well-utilised by the spiritual hierarchy who oversee the spiritual evolution of humanity.

2020 marks my twenty-year spiritual journey to where I stand now, in the vibration of Annwyn which holds the frequencies of Peace, Harmony, Impartiality, Balance, Abundance, Clarity and Truth – these are refinements of the Quan Yin attributes described above.


This journey has taken much shedding of layers of conditioned roles and inauthentic masks. It has shaken off erroneous beliefs about myself and humanity. It has demanded changes to my thoughts, emotions, spoken words and actions. It has called me again and again to powerful sacred sites all over the planet, to activate and be activated in Egypt, England, France, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Mt Shasta, Sedona, Hawaii, and many places throughout New Zealand.

Quan Yin and Annwyn


I KNOW that I AM God in a body. I recognise each sacred step that takes me closer to realising the reason for my current incarnation on Earth; to walk this Earth as an embodied Goddess/God. Each sacred step expands my awareness and increases my vibrational frequencies of Godhood; this is the ascension. God is a vibrational frequency that I have chosen to align with. It feels natural to me.


I experience All of my Life as Vibrational Frequencies, it doesn’t really matter what I Do - what really matters, is what I Be. And this is true for all of humanity. You may find this initially difficult to understand, that I don’t really think of myself as human woman anymore …  but more as a formula of vibrational frequencies.

The fifth dimension awaits those who have stepped outside of the fourth dimension. The fifth dimension is where the God Codes are accessed; they are accessed through Heart Consciousness that spontaneously places us in the spectrum of our God Nature. We cannot access our God Nature in the third and fourth dimensions, the curriculums of those realities do not support that.

I’m addicted … each step that shows me more of my God Nature is nectar that nourishes my Core Essence. The cells of my body tingle with excitement and my insights sharpen … it’s a natural high. Events that direct me to the next step and shape the next level of awareness arrive in divine timing. All I have to do is be Still and Be Silent. My God Nature is in the silence.


My Life is a Sacred Ascension Process


I AM Sacred

All of Life is sacred

There is nothing that is not sacred.


My life is completely surrendered to My Highest Self and now my guides inform me that my 'real work' has just begun!

"When I first met Annwyn I was transfixed by her energy. As I got to know her over a two-year period I realised how quickly my energy was expanding in a way like never before. Just being in her presence takes me to other dimensions and frequencies, and then the power of Annwyn’s Sound takes me to another level that I just don’t have words to explain. I’m incredibly grateful to Annwyn for what she has freely given of herself towards my own spiritual growth. She is an amazing activator of vibrational frequencies and consciousness."  

- Lyn Hura, Life and Wellness Coach, Waikato, NZ.