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The Messianic Family - portals of peace

Image: Harmony by Autumn Skye

A portal is a place where we can experience another reality. Famous sacred sites such as Stonehenge, Glastonbury Tor, Sedona, of the Giza Pyramids spring to mind.

But have you ever considered yourself as a walking portal?

  • Someone who holds high vibrational frequencies in a constant manner

  • One whose presence in the world impacts others

  • As a portal of peace

Peace is one one of the highest states of consciousness we can achieve within a physical embodiment - even higher than love and joy.

There is a large Soul Group responsible for seeding and nurturing Peace throughout our universe - not just Earth. This collective is known as the Messianic Family and easily recognised as those who walked alongside Yeshua and Mary Magdalene - not only in that lifetime but over countless incarnations. Playing different roles as befitted the environment, but always with their underpinning mission of establishing the Christ Consciousness in its pure form - not the version promoted by the Roman Catholic Church.

The Messianic Family can be thought of as a formula of Source Energy. Many of us love the legends about the Chalice and the Holy Grail. It is no wonder humans undertake pilgrimage in their quest to discover Truth and Enlightenment. We have thought these qualities were outside of us, when we are ourselves the Chalice. And our Chalice is ready to be filled with Source Energy. This is this is where the Messianic Family come in.

The current window of ascension means the Messianic Family are extremely busy on Earth right now! Their collective energies of the Christ Consciousness are the most prevalent energies on our planet - right now. Think about that.

In her role of Divine Service, Annwyn is an activator of the Christ Consciousness. (You can further listen to what this means and how this came about in the recent DLA podcast on her website media page

Annwyn is calling to the Messianic Family to remember who they are.

Image: Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci

Very often someone has a special affinity with Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Joseph of Arimathea - but not in a 'churchy way'. Although often repulsed by mainstream religion, they feel a deep connection to certain saints or angels.

This is your soul memory of the Messianic Family. The soul group also includes Saint Germain, Lord Lanto, Isis, Quan Yin and countless others. More recently Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, and ... Anne Boleyn. Mmmmm! (There were others working behind the scenes of the Tudor court trying to mitigate the tyranny of Henry VIII and his cronies.)

Annwyn transmits the codes of Christ Consciousness through different facets of her work as an author, speaker, workshop facilitator, personal/group mentor and as a planetary activator.


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