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Events to support your Higher Version of You

We are living in a time of extraordinary transition on Earth.

Humanity is undergoing a  ‘shift’ or an 'upgrade' to their spiritual consciousness.

At the request of her guides, Annwyn offers events that align with current potentials and support Humanity at pivotal times.

Annwyn's physical and online events constantly change  in nature to reflect  the  changing Nature of Humanity.

Annwyn-Blair Retreat Poster

Branding the New You!

Due to current circumstances, we wish to advise that this event is postponed until new dates can be given. Sending you all much love until we can gather again.
Annwyn and Blair.

A weekend retreat in the sacred lands and waters of the Waikato 5pm, Friday November 12th until 3pm, Sunday 14th
Tongariro Lodge, Turangi, New Zealand

Blue and gold celtic tree and knot

The New Earth Energies are announcing the release of a Brand New You!

The vibrational frequencies and energies that we are all now experiencing require directing in ways that align us with our God Nature. We are no longer seeking to find ourselves … what we do need now is a plan … how to be Brand New.

As you continue to discover the idea of yourself as Source Energy you will realise the importance of perceiving and promoting yourself in a whole new light! Because you have created a ‘new brand’- a new version of yourself, you have become more distinctive and now the marketing of yourself as this new brand that you are presenting to Life is essential, it’s also fun, adventurous and very exciting!

Will you allow the exploration of Self and the collectivity of the group as Source Energy - to gain a sense of what it’s like to be powerful, strong and focused as a Creator?

Are you ready to observe new ways of Being, Feeling and Understanding how you Function as the Brand New You?

Join Blair and Tabaash with Annwyn over this interactive weekend retreat to establish your participation in the New Brand of Life.

About Blair Styra

Blair Styra bio image.jpg

For over 30 years Blair Styra has been the channel for the spiritual energy known as ‘Tabaash’. They have presented seminars and retreats both nationally and internationally and have been key speakers in conferences worldwide. They hosted a radio program for two years called “Talking with Tabaash” and have co-wrote ‘Don’t Change The Channel’ and ‘Who Catharted’ (Ozark Mountain Publishers US). Personal sessions with client’s keep them busy through the week Tabaash being a coach, guide, teacher, healer all rolled together in one. Tabaash came from Sumeria 5000 BC and it was in this life that he gained the knowledge that we are all “God”, the creators of life. It is this knowledge that gives us access to “source power” enabling us to create our lives in the best way, in all ways.

About Annwyn


During the past nine years Annwyn has presented events throughout NZ, the USA and UK. Annwyn is an activator; using her voice to transmit vibrational frequencies of Sound and Light to activate codes of consciousness in others. Well-utilised by the Earth’s spiritual hierarchy as a planetary stabiliser and activator of the New Earth Energies, Annwyn is regularly called to power sites around the globe to anchor, receive, or transmit codes that advance spiritual evolution on Earth.


Annwyn is currently writing her second book and offers sacred retreats/events at her sanctuary ‘Karsak’, located at the southern end of Lake Taupo. It is not surprising that Tabaash has been a significant mentor for Annwyn over the past twenty years as she was his niece during his last incarnation on Earth in Sumeria.

A little more about the event...

While following on from the August one-day workshop ‘Life’s New Rituals’, it is not necessary to have attended that event in order to participate in this weekend retreat. There will be a reviewing of the information shared in August as we shall be moving deeper into some of those concepts as well as exploring new ones.

Tabaash has come up with a fun way of presenting the information by seeing our New Selves as if you were marketing and branding a new product- You are both the creator of the new product as well as being the product! Therefore you will be engaged with ‘Branding the New You’!

The overall nature of this retreat is interactive in all facets, both during sessions and during our free time. We are being offered the opportunity to experience Source Energy at a Personal level, as well as how it Feels Collectively, while making important and fun connections with members of our soul family at this time.

The gorgeous grounds at Tongariro Lodge are conducive for meanderings to the Tongariro River, strolling through the treed-gardens or having a coffee at the Lodge. The kitchen facilities also really invite communal dining and the decks will be perfect for chatting over a cuppa. Little heavens in the making!

Many blessings from Annwyn and Blair.

Branding the New You

Further information...

Please click the button below to download our Information Sheet with all the details of this amazing retreat.

Comments from our August workshop

'Dear Annwyn and Blair, thank you for putting together a wonderful format for learning, sharing and creating community.'  - Verna Carr, Whitianga

'It was a sacred weekend we shared last weekend. It has been a blessing to our whole family and will continue to inspire and remind us of the Gods we are. Thank you so much for embodying your heart and fearlessly creating the opportunity for so many people to connect and unite together. And thank you also for the amazing recordings.' - Michael





'I really enjoyed this workshop. There was so much richness offered by Annwyn and Blair &Tabaash. Thank you so much for your meditations, divine sound codes and for our "homework”.  The whole workshop was delightful and life changing. I look forward to the workshop in November. Please put me on the list!'  - Kirsten

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