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Annwyn's Books

Annwyn's  writing is activated with vibrational frequencies by her spirit guides. This supports and  open the reader to receive the gifts offered ... it's not just about reading the words. These books are 'alive' with the energies channelled during writing.


Each book reflects Annwyn's own inner journey of evolution, therefore each book must be lived before it is written. For this reason they can take her many years to complete.


Soul aspects from previous lifetimes regularly step forward to guide these experiences which can be challenging when a new aspect of growth is necessary. To heal grief, for example, or to perceive life in an entirely new way. 

Portals Front Cover

JUNE 21 2024 Solstice
Release of 'Portals'

Annwyn is a contributing author to international bestselling author Freddy Silva's forthcoming book, PortalsAn alternative researcher who is changing history, Freddy is an expert on sacred sites and their potential for life-altering experiences. Find out more here.

The Light in the Abby is Annwyn's second book and is in the completion stages according to her guides. What began as one book has organically morphed into two, thus a sequel will follow. To read an excerpt click here.

Annwyn's debut book Dry your Tears is undergoing a re-edit and will be available in print again soon. To read an excerpt click here.

“I have just completed your book; I ‘stretched it out’ as much as I could. For me it had all the information I have been yearning to understand for a long time… like I have had ‘the Knowing’ within myself but no words to explain. Thank you Annwyn, for having the courage, strength, and the LOVE to do this. I am grateful to beautiful Tim and I await the next book.”

- Carol Wales - Companion for the Dying, New Zealand    

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