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Annwyn is an activator...

Her writing is encoded with vibrational frequencies that allow the reader to be open to receiving the gifts offered. For example, her first book busts through the timeless belief that ‘you can never recover from the loss of a child.’ Yet the book also nurtures and holds the reader in a safe place while healing occurs.



Annwyn’s first book Dry Your Tears is her own Awakening Story after she was shocked out of her 'third-dimensional deep sleep' by the sudden death of her teenage son, Tim. It was the beginning of a remarkable journey of releasing grief in order to embrace Love.


Through her journey of grief she eventually learned to follow the whisperings of her Soul, but not before a great deal of resistance, including literally ‘running away to sea’ to live on a yacht for six years! Resistance that eventually turned to surrender and transformed grief into gratitude.

By eventually understanding the true nature of Humanity and the true nature of her Soul, Annwyn was able to share her story of transcending grief to help others find the gifts of what at first appears to be  one of the most  traumatic of all human experiences.

Chapter One describes Annwyn’s very first conscious experiences with her Soul on the same day her son died and concludes with a beautiful insight into what was occurring for her son at the time of his transition to the spirit realms.

Please note that currently only the e-book version is available (the printed version is being updated). 

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Dry Your Tears
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“I have just completed your book; I ‘stretched it out’ as much as I could. For me it had all the information I have been yearning to understand for a long time… like I have had ‘the Knowing’ within myself but no words to explain. Thank you Annwyn, for having the courage, strength, and the LOVE to do this. I am grateful to beautiful Tim and I await the next book.”

- Carol Wales - Companion for the Dying, New Zealand    

New Book Coming!

Humanity is going through a shift in consciousness which is greatly challenging the deeply embedded belief systems held by Humanity. This book offers understanding and encouragement of this extraordinary process told through Annwyn's personal experiences since writing her first book in 2012.

In essence it is a paradoxical journey of releasing in order to embrace - rather like 'Dry Your Tears' except instead of releasing grief in order to embrace love, Annwyn now writes of the release of our Human Nature, in order to embrace our Higher-God Nature.

Another myth buster in the making- the long-believed concept that Humanity could only access God through another is replaced with absolute Knowing that Humanity is innately God in their Natural State as pure consciousness. All we have to do is return to our natural state via our consciousness - which means we can be God in a body and experience Heaven on Earth.

As a planetary healer Annwyn's story has been shaped by events in major Sacred Sites such as Glastonbury, Mount Shasta, Egypt and many more throughout her birth country of New Zealand.

Her personal experiences and insights are sprinkled with Universal Wisdom and the tools and practices  she uses to keep advancing her spiritual evolution.

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